Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nice ringtone

Chris Rock: Ringtones

It turns out that the future is not quite as apocalyptic as Chris Rock suggests.

On Android   (Oh and surely iOS?)  you can use any .mp3 file as your ringtone.   How is that?

  • I downloaded the .mp3 file here
  • I started Airdroid on my Google Nexus 5
  • Then went to the PC and used the upload function from the PC component of the Airdroid interface to upload the .mp3 file into the /Ringtones directory of my phone
  • I rebooted the phone

  • For Android Lollipop: Settings, Sound and Notification, Phone Ringtone

I have to thank the Indian dazeinfo site  for pointing me to the wonderful Ringtone   (don't get me started and say awesome!)  which you can play in full ...

MetroGnome Remix

It's so good, that if I delay picking up the phone when you call, I am just chillin out to the ringtone.

(NB: Here is the Christmas version )


.mp3 file to download
MetroGnome YouTube channel
iPhone metrognome Christmas