Monday, November 17, 2014

More delayed gratification

I've sort of echoed the following sentiment before but I'll state it again in a different way.

Sometimes for Marcus and Agata the pleasure of [eventual] ownership is enhanced by Switzerland's continued unavailability.  After all,  goods we can import, but fresh air,  numerous cycling and mountain trails, and lakes, well you either have them or you don't.  And Switzerland has the latter in quantity.

Here in Switzerland shops selling luxury goods like sofas,  handbags and watches seem to be quite plentiful.  I'm not sure what the target demographic is between residents and passing visitors to Switzerland.

But I can say we are not really that interested!

Our requirements for non food items more relate more  to Sports Equipment, Sports Clothing and a few select Technology items that ease our lifestyle.  Usually these are manufactured in China and available in retail stores throughout Europe excluding Switzerland.

And so last Friday

  • Marcus received and fitted Agata's possibly final bicycle upgrade

    A beautifully plain, no logo, 27.2mm Carbon Fibre Seatpost

  • The process started about 6 weeks ago
  • I did some measurements of Agata's old Aluminium seatpost and thought I would check to see if I could find lighter and carbon fibre
  • I did a UK / European search
  • I did a search of OEM suppliers in China and compared all the specifications
  • I found I could get OEM chinese components for about 15GBP including postage.  Or,  instead in the UK I could get a similar Richey Superlogic seatpost for 120GBP  (and that was at a 40% discount!)
  • I made the order to China!
  • I waited about 3 weeks for it to arrive :-(
  • It had to navigate Swiss customs, but the low value meant no duty was payable

  • I had to measure the length of the post and cut the Carbon Fibre down for maximum weight saving, then file smoothed the ends
  • I finally fitted the part and Agata's bicycle gets the final upgrade

To summarise
We have now learnt to deal with Swiss unavailability.  It forces us to really research what we need and how to get it here into Switzerland.

Actually,  this analytical process and slow delivery teaches us to be patient and not to continually want the latest technological item the day after it is announced.  

Because we know for sure that in Switzerland is never the first market and often; if it arrives at all, one of the last.