Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Winter Coat

A winter coat is something that you might like to wear as the temperature drops towards freezing here in Lausanne, Switzerland.

It is also the name that Marcus and Agata give to a thin or perhaps medium layer of fat that will adorn our bodies during the winter months if we stop exercising.

Overall when we speak to or research what the experts say about your yearly fitness and training plans there seems to be no answer as to whether a complete exercise break, (usually in Winter) and if this is stupid, wise or to be avoided.

What we feel is that

  • A complete exercise stop would leave us very anxious and with a large, fat based, Winter coat, for sure.
  • In Switzerland, with Ski resorts less than 60 minutes drive away, it is a time of year when there is absolutely no excuse to be idle
  • The Winter exercise might be slightly different [to Summer] , but you are certainly not limited by a lack of opportunity.

And so as a small example we braved the 6 degree C weather conditions to make a short cycle last weekend.   That temperature might not seem too severe, but at speeds of upto 60Km/h and with cold winds blowing at you it can really get /wind chill/ cold.

It is definitely time for winter thermal clothing.   This makes all the difference  (Marcus recommends a trip to Decathlon in Europe or MEC in Canada or REI in the USA)

Runkeeper most surely does not take any account of the outside temperature I am sure, but you get the idea.


We certainly vary our training and fitness programmes in terms of intensity.  But we never take a winter break, that would be far too easy.