Monday, October 27, 2014

VOIP Phone settings for Swiss Phone Networks

Recently our well serving Gigaset C610 IP phone shows signs of retirement.  We previously reviewed it here

We noticed that we never did publish our settings that enable us here in Switzerland to have two very low cost telephone numbers.

So basically we have a Fibre Internet connection and then Swisscom gives us the possibility for about 15 CHF per month  to have an Swisscom specific IP phone with free calls to Switzerland

This does not help us because we rarely call Swiss numbers but make and receive calls to the UK.

But AFAIK  the Swisscom IP phone is NOT a SIP phone.

To explain, for years those of us with an internet connection can buy a VOIP  (Voice over the Internet Protocol) software program that enables our computer to use the the SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) and pretend to have a telephone number.

Then the technology developed and you could instead buy a special telephone like the Gigaset C610IP with base station that could all by iteself talk SIP protocol.

That is what we have today.  In other words

a) We say NO to the Swisscom IP phone option
b) The Phone sockets at the back of our Swisscom fibre router are therefore useless
c) We have NO Swisscom owned telephone number
d) Instead we have 2, SIP accounts, which are programmed into our Gigaset C610 IP telephone
e) The Gigaset can also be used as an Analog telephone but we dont have an Analog line nor the Swisscom IP line so the Analog socket of the Gigaset is left uconnected.

Here then are the configuration and provider details of the 2 accounts which provide us with a native swiss (+41) number and a UK London (+41 207 ) number:

UK Subscription with Sipgate

Swiss Subscription with Sipcall

Panels Common to Either Subscription

Call Divert and Dialling Plans and Network Mailboxes are not used

So now you have all you need to setup a VOIP call service on a Gigaset C610 IP phone, in our case for Swiss residents with a Swiss number and a UK native number.

Most sensible UK friends acually use Skype or Google+ for conversations directly from computer to computer.  

But there remain some older fuddy duddies who insist on telephoning (not Internet calling) us.   Since they normally have free UK to UK call plans this is a great way of enabling these Internet Challenged old people to talk to us for free.