Monday, October 27, 2014

Show me the Drugs

After Marcus's dodgy performance at the Lausanne Marathon he has finally admitted that he is ill and needs medical assistance.

The above picture represents the efforts of today Monday October 27th.  But in Swiss tradition it took about 5 hours of effort ....

At the crack of dawn, well at the Doctor's office by 08.00 I was pleading for an appointment.   It transpired that I could have late Monday morning today or a wait of over 7 days.

In the circumstances I booked the appointment for today but then had to walk the streets for a few hours.  This is what I found today in a very pleasant warm extended stroll on an Autumn day in Lausanne

At Starbucks I found more than 1 Apple user who was content to leave their expensive laptop, jacket and belongings to go somewhere  (maybe to order another 7 franc+ coffee?), something I would not personally do at any open Coffee Shop anywhere.

Nearby I played the guess the price of the shoes game ....

Yes, only 659 Francs  (692 USD).   You all know the story. Living in Switzerland is not for the small of wallet.

Smoking is now illegal inside office buildings but not outside at their entrances.  The mild Autumn weather, about 12 degrees this morning attracted the puffers.

We are host to several well known Chocolatiers.  But Marcus and Agata no longer eat chocolate :-(

Lausanne is a Cathedral town and so I popped by to say hello

There is a sizeable, Motorcycle loving Harley community.   Here is one cherished example.

We don't ever buy any physical Newspaper  (to save paper). But it seems others do and I noticed in the top right the British Royal Family is again in the news.

 A house has been occupied by Freeloaders in Central Lausanne for months now.   Quite why they cannot be ejected I have no idea.

Students are so well behaved that they don't attempt to cross before the lights turn green. Some things I just love about Switzerland!

In Autumn the council make a big effort to make our Lausanne town even tidier than usual.  I like!

Finally I arrive back for my Doctors appointment.  I see what could be a topical article on Islam.  Then I find the magazine is at least a year old.  

So it's an International and not just British rule; that Doctor's surgeries are not allowed to carry any current magazines!!

About 1 hour later I had a very nice prolonged interview with the Doctor, followed by 2 X rays, and then another meeting the diagnosis was concluded.  Yes, lung infection. To vulgarly talk money this has cost Marcus about  150 CHF  (including 33 CHF for the drugs).   150CHF is about 100GBP or 160 USD by the way.

As I walk home I pop into the chemist for the Drugs.  Only 1 portion available.  I have to come back later for Agata's prescription.  Hmm.

It is now lunchtime but at these prices I will continue walking to get home.

All this time I have been smiling, photographing but most of all listening to my latest audiobook.  Jo Nesbo - The Son.  It is gripping.

And so I am back home,  a portion of drugs received and I am told that they should have noticeable effects within 3 days.  I hope so.