Friday, October 03, 2014

Shimano R170 Road Cycling Shoes

This is a mini review of my new Shimano R170 Road Cycling shoes.

Recently I've been stepping up the weekly cycling exercise by swapping out lunch for a mountain cycle.   In Lausanne Switzerland, we are actually in hilly/ mountainous Swiss wine country.

A lunchtime 50Km cycle is just the thing to whip up a good appetite for a late lunch spent in front of the computer.

With the increased mileage I've ventured into 3 shoe strategy

  • I have a total of 3 pairs of cycling shoes
  • 2 primaries which are rotated and a backup
  • I am using Speedplay cleats and matching pedals
  • Shoes are used for a day then cleaned and left to air

 Looking dirty after 2 weeks and 400Km, alternating cycles

 2 velcro and one adjustable buckle

 SPD-SL mountings

 Wide fitting inside and no (or minimal arch)

 Basic inside but comfortable

 Speedplay cleat before fiiting

Mounted.  Note that you have to take the top plate off to get to the lower 3 shoes to move the cleat up and down.  This is rather fiddly.  But you need to get the vertical position correct so that the pedal will rest on the ball of the foot.

Each Shoe including a full Speedplay cleat is 360 grams

Impressions so far
My other primary shoes are Shimano TR31.  They have a single velcro fastening and are optimised for Triathlon races.

With their 3 fasteners the R170 are somewhat more secure.  The ratchet can be adjusted whilst cycling.

At 360 grams including shoes these shoes are very light. Pretty much ultra lightweight in fact and that is what I like!

As usual getting the Speedplay cleats into the right position takes ages but is necessary.

The shoes have an extremely rigid base