Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pick me up Husband

Yes well, can you see what I see.  Zoom in on the tyres (click on the photo)   Can you see the chalk marks  ... The owner has just changed to Winter Tyres!!

Winter is approaching soon everybody!

But whilst the weather is so pleasant and mild I attempted a walk into town to pickup my darling wife Agata from her work.

I am still sick as a dog but hey my legs are still working (if not the lungs)

On the way to Agata this evening:

Ah, they don't make them like that anymore

 Brand spanking new Targa 4, just right for our Swiss winter :-)

Custom Honda, not a Harley!

Blatant Copyright violation.  Doctor Who, sue them!.

 What are you looking at sonny!

 Royal Enfield?

So assuming you have clicked on the photos to view the in full resolution, you will all realise this is a thinly veiled attempt at sympathy for /Marcus's new phone collection fund and appeal/

An appeal to the Gods of Android:

Please make available a decent (water resistant, high resolution camera, large screen,  L upgradable) smartphone available for me to actually purchase here in Switzerland.

Then my photography will improve

I will smile more

I won't have to go over to the Dark Side  (Apple I believe they call it)

I also took Princess Agata to work early on Thursday morning.  More delightful photographs from our wonderful village of Lausanne, Switzerland.  (Clearly the best place to live in all of Switzerland and we are not at all biased :-)

Yes,  slowly does it. It is going to take over 1 year more to construct a building  (it's taken about 3 years already to demolish and clean this area!)

 Agata crosses the funky wooden bridge.  Our secret route!

"What is this" Marcus asked Agata.  Agata told me it is a /traffic jam/.   I have not seen one in about a decade.  I thought they were illegal here in Switzerland?

The local council office has all the best Grass landscaping

At this location Square blocks of stone are secretly sorted and categorised.   Ah, Switzerland!

Our secret route is selected to minimise: Other people!

 Close to work, it appears the /Mods/ won.

Some while later, Marcus is back home, next to the Sheep.