Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Not the Apple Announcement

Well what can one say? On Thursday October 16th Apple is announcing something.  Of course for British people of a certain age this day has memories

Michael Fish: No Storm

For the record I'll remember October 16, 1987 as being famous for the International Stock Market Crash, and the UK storm.  And for the record I'll state that at least one of these two events is due again shortly.  However, I digress!

I talked Apple's possibilities around with Fanboys, Fangirls, pundits and then threw in my cynical opinions

Looking into the Apple Crystal Ball ....

  • In one way I like Apple's simple enigmatic invitational infographic.  Somewhat minimalist as usual
  • As a multiple Apple Mac Mini owner I am aware that this and other product lines have not been refreshed for over 1 year.  So please people, don't buy a Mini this week

  • I have noticed some Swiss Retail stores promoting extra discounts on MacBook's this week.  What could they possibly know?
  • It is not just about give.  Take: Apple might be retiring stuff.  Since I still rely on an Apple Nano for music whilst Exercise training and even racing,  I hope it does not get canned.  Should I buy an additional one pre-announce just in case?   Hmmm. Decisions.
  • Based on Apple's killer iPad currency  (of just a few months) from the pre Air model to the iPad Air. Well, could they be announcing an improved phone?  Maybe an iPhone 6++.  Just saying :-)
  • If a new larger iPad is for announcement, Apple: don't call it a MaxiPad.   

One thing is for sure, post announcement Apple devotees will know that what they principally need is some more money.

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