Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Let's make a date

I remarked earlier how at home here in Lausanne Switzerland, Marcus and Agata make plans to streamline their lifestyles.

We remarked how we are discarding old data we no longer need

And end to Data

The remaing data is still backed up and I can now focus on the smaller persistent backup errors I previously igornedAfter much buggering about I found that the date on the uncopyable (or rather uncomparable files) was set to the year 2098

Using the Batch File Changer the dates where arbitrarily changed to today

The Learning Points
We still use automation at home to make our lives easier.

Now that we've cut down on copying and saving irrelevant files we can more easily concentrate on correcting the errors that have been bugging us for ages.

To give you an idea.  Instead of daily comparing and copying 5 million plus files, we are presently down to about 2 million.

Files dated 1970 or 2098 can have issues with some Operating Systems.

Batch File Changer
Nirsoft File Date Changer (did not work on network files)