Sunday, October 05, 2014

Lausanne Natation 2014

So we just finished the annual 24 hours swimming competition/ event at our Lausanne Switzerland local Mon Repos swimming pool.

How was it ... well


Like so many other Sporting events these days, demand vastly outstrips supply and well this is a small 25 metre pool with over 10 people swimming in each lane ...

This year the rules are quite simple.  The same as for most years.   Once registered you get a numbered hat, then at the end of the lane a volunteer counts your laps on a paper card.

New to this year, swimming watches were banned because they were deemed to be a safety hazard.  I can see where this is coming from, well in an overcrowded pool full of aggressive swimmers.

Despite this fact I was wacked on the head by other too enthusiastic swimmers quite a few times.

We swam between 10.45 and 00.45 or thereabouts.  We were in the correct lane for us  (1Km in 30 minutes) and kept to our correct speed!

 Registration staff were good humoured

 After the event we registered with Lausanne DEFI

What did we learn this year?

  • It was crowded, really crowded, even at the close to Midnight time that we were swimming.

    We would have preferred to go early Sunday AM e.g. 03.00 but we have sports plans for Sunday day-time and we do need some sleep!
  • The 5 lanes were divided into a kids lane, old folks lane and 3 lanes for different swimming speeds.   It seems most people have NO IDEA what their sustained pool, swim speed, is

    This is a real issue because overtaking markedly slower swimmers is actually both dangerous and energy zapping in a pool lane that is overcrowded
  • Marcus did take a music swim player, although music was being played in the pool area   (but you can't easily hear it when your head is in the water).  Without that I would have gone coco.
  • The kind smiling staff helped a little to put Marcus into a good mood.  And I bear in mind that it is all staffed with volunteers who do all of this for free.
  • Marcus and Agata rated it as a difficult 4Km swim.   Possibly good training for an Ironman with all those arm waggling, testosterone filled, aggressive swimmers packed into a tight space!

Natation 2014 Lausanne