Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 04: Salles sur Verdon to Ocre and Gordes

Today we are broadcasting the events of Day 4, Tuesday September 30th 2014  of our French Motorhome holiday.

The Weather 
At about 03.00 in the morning in Les Pines campsite in Salles Sur Verdon the rain started and by breakfast time it had not stopped.  This was an issue because we had planned a long cycle trip around the lake.

Our consolation exercise was another Lake swim.   Today we tried even harder to swim across to the other side of the lake but again we turned back.  It looks easy but in fact it would be a couple of Km, too much for this morning!

After a wonderful hot campsite shower we made plans to leave this beautiful location.

Les Pines Campsite Review

The Campsite was great.  For about 20 Euros we had a choice of pitch with Electricity.   Great facilities for showers and laundry.   Best part: Off season and almost deserted!  Internet was a chargeable extra.  You can walk out the top gate as a shortcut to the town.

Driving to Roussillon with Ocres in Luberon
This is the rough route that we drove.  Actually ours became a little extended as we drove on some tiny roads as a scare Marcus the driver test.   The Van coped with the challenge admirably.

Despite the rain we got out to admire the views whenever possible.

We stopped at an unamed small town for a cafe coffee but could not find anything open.   Hmm. We tried!

 This is Lavender country


We drove specially to Roussillon where there is an Ocre museum/ outdoor exhibit

To be honest there is not much to see in the paid exhibition, something we did not know until after the fact!

Arrival Gordes
Gordes is a very posh village where we had researched 2 Aires.   Posh because we found both a Sotheby's and Christie's!   It could be a town twinned with Gstaad darling!

Meanwhile we did eventually find one Aire inside Gordes but without the promised electricity.  Survivable for one night we think!

The surface was on a slope and with Agata's help Marcus managed to drive the van up some plastic chocs to level

Video Diary

Video diary Tuesday 30th September 2014

Learning Points

  • We had to think about living in a Motorhome in bad weather.   With wind and rain outside it is not much fun.  

    A living strategy could be like migrating birds to drive to a country/ region which is predominantly warm for the time of year.
  • Lake Autumn swimming is still possible in the rain, just remember to have a thick wetsuit handy.
  • Gas powered hot air heating worked well.  Definitely a must for our future perfect motorhome configuration.
  • Levelling the van on plastic chocs is scary but it was the first ever time.