Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 02 Le Bourget du Lac to Sisteron

I am making a report of Day 02 of our mini break in the South of France.  This is the events of Sunday 28th September 2014.

If you did not catch yesterday's post then watch this Morning Diary
Tour du Lac Bourget

We checked our Internet Map and calculated that there is about a 50 something Km bicycle loop around the lake.  Easy right?

Well indeed it started off easy but soon the road seemed to be going up and up!

Cycling Report, Sunday September 28th

Turns out the left side to the loop around the lake climbs to the top of a mountainous pass.  We were not expecting that!

We stopped off a few times to admire the stunning views.

Eventually we are back to the Aire and all is well.  We just missed the local Supermarket which closed at noon.  This is not a total disaster, we still have some food in the Motorhome, we just wanted more!

Driving to Sisteron

After packing our bicycles away it was time to drive to Sisteron. Although this was over 200Km in the Bantam Van this proved very easy.

No matter how steep the gradient or if we were navigating a tight and thin mountain pass the vehicle was very easy to drive.  This is thanks mostly to the 2.05 metre width and only a little to Marcus's driving skills.

We parked the motorhome right in the middle of town.  Since it is a VAN it is pretty inconspicuous and we felt sure that we would not attract attention or a parking ticket.

We arrived Sisteron and spent a good hour walking around town looking for the best restuaurant.   

Some great views around Sisteron

Evening Meal and Walking

After finding the perfect spot for dinner we decided to eat.  The plan post dinner was to continue walking around and visit the Citadelle at the top of the town.

Sisteron is positively full of cats!  We like,

Also it is relatively deserted on a late Sunday night.  Even more to like.

We walked up to the now closed Citadelle.  There are tourist visits daily it says but they take 1.5 hours so probably on Monday we will just hit the road.

No Nightime chocolates

After our brisk walk we fancied some chocolates.  But all the shops were closed and even the adjacent railway station, inside which was that vending machine flaunting itself. Grrrr!

And so it was back to our Motorhome which was safely parked in this Aire  (which is just 100 metres from the station)

The Aire at Sisteron was just amazing.   You pay a trivial 2 euros for 12 hours of parking and then a small additional fee for electricity.  There is even a water supply and a Grey Water dump.   Incredible.

Goodnight Diary

Sunday night, 28th September Video Diary

Learning Points

  • Our Bantam Van has provided a delight to drive on the sometimes twisty and mountainous roads.
  • Sisteron is an incredibly picturesque town
  • The Aire by the station was fantastic and even had (for a small fee) electricity, water and Grey Water dump.   They certainly know how to make Motorhomes welcome in France

sisteron aire coordinates Latitude:*44.190829 Longitude:5.945973 
bourget du lac aire Latitude:*45.65336 Longitude:5.86312