Thursday, October 30, 2014

Berne Motorhome Show Review

This is our 3rd Motorhome Show report for 2014.  Please also look back on our

Dusseldorf Show 2014 report  and
NEC UK 2014 report

as we won't duplicate models reviewed there earlier!

Burstner Travel Van 690

  • 690 model has a twin bed which we don't like.  But we tested it and shorter people can sleep together  transversely.  And the advantages of the 690 are:
  • Immense amount of storage space.  Absolutely gargantuan!
  • Special Features listed here
  • 220 cm width

Travel Van Outside

Garage easily large enough for 2 road bicycles

Twin beds, but you can sleep transverly.   The advantage of the 690 is that it has a lot more storage space vs the double bed 590

Tall fridge.  Common on many 2015 motorhomes.  Not deep but looks effective.

Bucket loads of cupboard space

Flick the lever and rotate the sink and mirror to the right to use shower

Travel Van Inside

Dethleffs Globus

  • Thin and low Motorhome
  • Only 262 cm high because there is no double floor, its based instead on Fiat Lowframe chassis
  • You can specify a special Low Garage option for more space there
  • We think the I15 (Integrated A class model 15)  is the best since it has a large garage for 2 bicycles
  • We believe the front bed can be removed but it just provides a space an no extra cupboards
  • At the show only the I1 was on show and not the I15 that we would have wanted, nevertheless photos of I1 below

Bathroom has the sink on a vertical board which rotates over the toilet to reveal a full shower area.

 The I1 is very petite and feels a little claustrophobic

Multiple different variants are possible T are traditional Coachbuilds whereas I are Integrated versions  (i.e. no passenger door and coach like front panoramic window)

You can specify a Low AL-KO garage option, but the vehicle itself is based on the Fiat low chassis version not a full AL-KO chassis vehicle

So the Berne show was very informative and we are very glad we made the effort to attend.