Sunday, October 05, 2014

Another Adventure ends

mdna: Holiday 1985

So then,  Marcus and Agata have officially returned from holiday.

We are currently entering

Post Holiday Depression Mode

Holiday or Adventure?
Actually we thought about our recent time away from home.  

A holiday is where you sit back, relax and have everything done for you.  

An adventure is where you do all the planning and work yourselves and the last thing you do it sit around all day.

So YES,  we have been on adventure to ???

Well let's just say as I look back at the components for mostly Sunday breakfast, we adventured somewhere where I can buy local fresh milk and Honey from the Supermarket, and where the Red wine is not only plentiful and delicious; but fairly priced.


Let me restate our continued findings that in Switzerland whilst we have peace &quiet, civility and tranquillity, we have an absence of the very best and a lot of the worst of stuff.  And of course; availability is below poor. As discerning adults we can choose for ourselves, we don't want, favour or support artificial restrictions.

So, back to the adventure   Well the photos are being processed and the words crafted.  I'd give it a week to gestate.