Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Sermon: A question?

So my first religious question for today is: From which of the videos below which are Marcus's choice selection of the top 30 Dance Singles as listed by the BBC, do the above religious paraphernalia appear?

Of course I suggest you watch them all just to check:

01 Calvin Harris and John Newman: Blame

02 Lilly Wood and the Prick: Prayer in C

03 Ten Walls: Walking with Elephants

08 Clean Bandit: Rather Be

10 ZHU: Faded

13 Kiesza: Hideaway

21 Route 94: My Love

29 Bakermat: One Day

30 Sigma and Paloma Faith: Changing

Do you have the answer yet?

Thought for the Day
Whilst some devout Christians who watched the above videos might disprove of the adult themes portrayed, the clothes worn [or not worn],  I believe that even they would agree that:

- Non-religious music should be legal
- That women (and men) should have the right to wear the clothes that they like without coersion
- That religion should not discriminate women into the status of a chattel

And for that; the Christian religion, should be complimented on this broad minded viewpoint. It is inline with, and takes its cues from developed 21st Century society.
[some scholars would argue that their current status quo is revisionist but that discussion is beyond the bounds of this short discussion]

I leave it as an exercise to the reader to investigate what other religions not only counter this world view but might even punish their own citizens just for Getting Happy.

Here is a link to help you answer this more important question.


The full BBC Dance Singles chart