Thursday, September 25, 2014

Really NOT Interested

(Well if I ruled the world ... read on)

As Engineers both Marcus and Agata have a professional obligation to be interested in Science and Technology.  And so we always carefully scrutinise major vendors including Apple Computer.

Post iPhone6 launch it seems the cult of celebrity or some might say stupidity has now further invaded this technology sphere.

Many online demonstrations are now available on YouTube and other plaforms showing how a new, beautiful Apple iPhone6 can be destroyed

  • In a Blender
  • Submersion  (it is not water resistant)
  • Being Shot
  • Runover by a car
  • Being bent using excessive force

Humour not Destruction
Now don't get us wrong.   We are all for a little humour, we just don't enjoy mindless violence.

We have not searched for, nor watched, nor intend to watch a single destruction video.

Whilst Marcus is normally quite critical of Apple I am disgusted and annoyed both by the destroyers of this property but also by the watchers.

As such I won't even link to any of these videos to dignify them, they just don't deserve it.

I think this TED talk summarises the issue

Weren't you listening!