Saturday, September 27, 2014

No Coke, No Joke

And very soon,  when all our household reserves have been drunk  there will be an end to all Coke (or Pepsi) drinking in the Marcus and Agata household

Why drink Coke / Soda?

Well primarily because it tastes great!   I suppose carbonated drinks are an acquired taste but rather like chocolates; once discovered they are difficult to forgo.

In diet form an entire 0.5 Litre bottle contains a single calorie and so this can really be a tremendously beneficial part of your reduced calorie intake diet.

So Why Stop Then?

It has been a slow journey but Agata and Marcus are striving to live a healthier lifestyle not only for ourselves but to minimise the effects of transporting liquids around, with the high Carbon and Environmental cost it bears compared to, well, just opening a tap at home.

(It's the same as the bottled water argument, just that this is Coke we are drinking)

Peer Pressure

As you become fitter and healthier and want to achieve the next level in your fitness goals you need to analyse whether a past lifetime of learnt behaviours were, well, let us say non-optimal.

Some athletes I speak to regard Diet Coke with the same level of horror and disbelief as I would if you said your pre-race food was a Chicken Bucket from the Colonel.

When is Coke acceptable?

Common sports consensus is that flat, full fat coke original is a valid sports drink for parts of a Marathon length race.

Bubbles and sugar are a great pick-me-up combination

But don't attempt to run a Marathon just on Coke!

And for Ultra Marathons that Marcus has personally tried, Coke is good in our opinion for upto say 30Km of a race.  Any longer and it becomes too sickly, even if alternated with Water and Hydration powders.

What will Replace Sodas?

The first choice at home will be Tea!  

Follow on choices are freshly squeezed juice  (although too much will lead to Weight gain and obesity so caution),  coffee, then water flavoured with Sports Hydration tablets, and finally water.

The issue that most of us have with drinking just water is that the taste compared to just about anything flavoured, especially say Diet Coke, is extremely boring.

Water is an acquired taste, or absence of taste, and that takes some re-acquiring.

Still, slowly but surely, we will get there.   Coke Zero in the future: by exception only.