Sunday, September 14, 2014

Marcus Hierarchy of Detail

Depeche: Everything Counts

I will have to disagree with the Depeche Mode lyrics. I would say:

Everything Counts

In Small Amounts

By which I mean that  I'd like to promote the idea that people should wherever possible

Be Particular

In the West with our over abundance of choice and supply there is absolutely no excuse for not making your life as tolerable as possible by choosing exactly the /right tool/

Of course there are 2 major roadblocks which often get in the way:

Time -  It somehow seems to be limited

Money - It is most definitely limited

SO okay, there might be constraints but for the small things in life, you probably can afford to make the choice.  I don't wish to talk generalities so I will list 10 specific things that Marcus and Agata choose:

  1. Toyo Proxy T1 Sport tyres

    Because performance in the dry and the wet is important to us. In Switzerland we are obliged to change between Summer and Winter Tyres, but Toyos (and 4 Wheel Drive) keep us safe in even the wettest conditions.

  2. Fresh Fruit

    We don't buy any processed Orange or Grapefruit Juice.  We buy the raw materials and squeeze them.  It takes just seconds and you are drinking fresh juice with all the nutrients and without added sugar.  And the cost is actually lower than processed juices.

  3. Raidlight Endurance 14 Rucksack

    Always carry a rucksack whilst out travelling. Raidlight produces gender specific ultra lightweight sports equipment. This model is large enough to carry a laptop and basic clothes for a weekend hop, or Marcus's full triathlon race set.  Or,  a good holdall for a personal supermarket shop.
  4. A Smartphone

    For just over 100GBP you can buy an entry level Internet Connected Smartphone which can make telephone calls, Guide you with Maps and GPS, be an Internet Portal, Compass, Music Player, Notepad, Activity Tracker, Torch, Camera, Video Player. And More! You'll need an Internet Dataplan from your Mobile Phone provider too of course.  Anybody living in an Internet rich country without a Smartphone really is a dumbass.
  5. Comfortable Activity Specific Shoes

    You only get one set of feet.  Once damaged they don't regenerate. Without the ability to walk freely your mobility and that of others is compromised.  So take care of your feet and have at least one pair, and preferably two (but no more!) or activity specific shoes.  Marcus and Agata include:  Hiking, Cycling, Running, Trail, Smart Casual, Business shoes as categories.   When your feet change shape  - change your shoes.  When your shoes wear out - change your shoes.

  6. Plain food

    This means baked potatoes not fries, it means raw Salmon not fish fingers, it means local fresh Pasteurised milk not UHT.   Cut back on the processed food and let your stomach work just a little more.

  7. A Wallet

    We choose our Muji minimalist wallet carefully.   It has enough room for a few cards and perhaps one cash note.  There is no space for coins!  From this you will correctly deduce that we limit the cards we own and carry, for security purposes.  We use cash only in emergencies.   We try never to use change or cash, it's un-hygienic, it's heavy, it is inefficient.

  8. Logitech H800 Headset

    Marcus and Agata spend a lot of time with our headphones on.  It is a mark of respect not to intrude into the soundspace of your partner or the general public.  This headset has a PC wireless adapter or Bluetooth and can be used to wirelessly connect to our Smartphones or PC for Google Hangout or Skype or SIP. It is USB rechargable and does not cost an absolute fortune.  Since our friends and relations are outside of our resident Switzerland we make sure to keep in touch, frequently, digitally.

  9. Microsoft ARC Keyboard

    In 2014 we spend several hours per day typing.  Our keyboard needs to be reliable, convenient, small and ergonomic. Microsoft makes several great, simple USB wireless keyboards.

  10. Finis SwiMP3 2G music Player

    Swimming is a great non impact and all round exercise. If you can only swim badly, or barely then get some lessons!  If you are a young person, learn now and not later!

    However, swimming lengths  can be intensely boring which is where a decent MP3 player comes in. The Finis 2G player is now actually obsolete but we feel better than its Neptune replacement  (so you will need to use eBay to get a NOS one)

    With this player you can load up hours of music or Audiobooks and swim in your own little audio world till your muscles peg out and you need to stop. 

Be Particular!