Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Garmin Vivofit review

Actually, the best Vivofit review is of course on the DC rainmaker site.  it is here

Vivofit is a wrist mounted fitness/ activity tracker.   It measures the steps that you have walked or run and transmits this information usually via Bluetooth to your Smartphone and then to the Garmin Connect application/ website.

All we can do is comment on our user experiences since Agata is now a happy customer and user of her Vivofit for at least 6 months.


Bottom of clasp is secure.  But some users report it opening and if you call Garmin support they'll send you the update free.

 For not very much you can order extra multi coloured straps

 The Date

 How many steps today

 Steps necessary to meet your goal for today

 How many KM have you walked today

Calories today

Garmin Connect

What does Agata think?

  • The killer feature is the 1 year battery life.  No other activity tracker comes close.  Others need recharging between 1 day and 1 week.
  • The tradeoff is the not very bright display
  • Does not switch on unless you press the button and cycle through the options/ statistics
  • It is water resistant.  You can swim with it no problem
  • Data is best uploaded via the Bluetooth Low Energy BTLE connection to your Smartphone/ Tablet
  • Data integrates into Garmin Connect which is used by Garmin's GPS sports watches.   So you blend seamlessly into the Garmin ecosystem.
Agata says: I am very pleased with the device, the only other Garmin activity tracker is the as yet unavailable but shipping soon Garmin Vivosmart (The Vivosmart looks sexier but it has a short  1 week battery life.

Back to Vivosmart.  If you already invested in the Garmin Ecosystem with a Garmin GPS watch then this fitness tracker is going to suit you better than any non Garmin product.

DC Rainmaker reviews Vivofit