Monday, September 15, 2014

Fed Up with FedUp

Fed Up trailer

So an acquaintance tipped us off that we should watch a film about what we thought was about eating more healthily.

Unfortunately not.

Fed Up is a sort of conspiracy movie set in, well you guessed it: America.   The sort of synopsis is that the food industry is deceptively and disingenuously promoting foods that contain too much sugar which are having a grossly detrimental effect on the health of the American public.

Here is what we think:

  • I hear that for people in America something exists called the Internet and people can access this free resource from home, or free from a library.
  • Using Google you can put together in less than 1 hour an understanding of food groups like protein, carbohydrate fat and calories and nutrients and vitamins.
  • You can easily learn how a fat free product can still contain a lot of calories and for example carbohydrates can quickly turn to fat in your body if not burnt as energy
  • We can learn  (UK figures) that the Saturated fat intakes for men and women are 30 and 20 grams per day respectively
  • So obviously it's not just about taking more exercise,  being healthy also involves eating within your daily limits for fat, calories, and making sure you take in foods to give you sufficient nutrients and vitamins.

We really did not buy into the /conspiracy theory/ line, which is that the American consumer is continuously hoodwinked by the sly food industry.

We can accept that processed food can be quicker to consume, so if you lead a busy lifestyle,  you have to set limits on your working day and take the time to eat well or bring in your prepared [healthy] meal from home. You have to make the assessment if the company or school canteen is able to serve you healthy food and take action if it cannot.

The worst bits of the film

Some overweight children being portrayed as representative when they probably have a medical issue, i.e. no matter what they eat they will still not be healthy.

The overweight kid eating from the packet of Breakfast Cereal, which usually contains over 60grams Carbohdrate / 100grams weight.   This will turn to fat unless you burn it off you dummy!

Panning through the aisles of American Supermarkets stuffed full of horrifically unhealthy foods like crisps and soft drinks.   It make us feel quite ill.

The kid who lost weight only to put it back on some months later.

Best Bits of the Film

The upbeat summary about 10 minutes before the end on some practical measures about eating less processed food.

For Flups sake Americans, how can you tolerate your film makers insinuating that you are a nation of total dumb asses?   Have some self respect!  3 simple rules

a) Fast Foods, Junk Foods and Processed foods should not form the bulk of your diet!  Your diet should contain good proportions of raw and unprocessed foods.

b) Make exercise a part of your daily life

c) Learn what you need in terms of daily fat, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, nutrients from Google.

To close here are just 10 of our politically incorrect comments that entered our brains whilst watching the film.  Sorry they are harsh, but the film left us feeling angry, and not at the food companies! But at the individuals and parents who don't take personal responsibility to improve their diet of themselves and their children.

Marcus and Agata Politically Incorrect Comments

  1. Have you heard of Google
  2. Why do they [Americans] have such big refrigerators
  3. Can we send them to Africa
  4. Junk food, the clue is in the name
  5. Can we bomb the countries that make the sugar (or maybe levy a tax on sugar)
  6. Supersize portions, do you think there is a name clue there
  7. How come only the kids need to diet.  What about the fat parents in the film.  They were making NO effort at all to slim down, right?
  8. I just knew Jamie Oliver would get in there.
  9. Perhaps eating less meat could be an option
  10. America is the land of the free, the fat free and all too often the personal responsibility free 

Finally an Athletic Way
If you make Exercise  (and I mean at least 2 hours daily of strenuous workouts) as part of your existence you will find you'll have to eat healthily.


Because you simply won't be able to complete your exercise targets eating /junk food/.  And immediately that you begin to eat more plain unprocessed food you will find yourself becoming stronger and faster and you won't ever want to go back to an unhealthy processed food lifestyle.