Saturday, September 13, 2014

An exercise in tolerance

Marcus and Agata really hate spiders.  Not quite on the same level as Mosquitos.   Mosquitos we feel should preferably never be born, but if we find one we'll preemptively kill it before it bites us and sucks our blood and gives us sores for at least a week.

For spiders we try to be a little more laissez-faire.   If they stick around outside, and don't jump into our beds we will try not to freak out and kill them.

And so Mr Spidee above has been our companion on the balcony for at least 6 months now.

So how are we tolerant?

Spidee has a normal location but sometime he hides and then shoots out scaring the living daylights out of us

He started off very small and has shredded his skin for a large model. Several times.

He has entrapped many flying insects including what looks like baby bees and deposits them on the ground in something of a sticky mess.  This is quite disgusting and it is  difficult to clean.

We still find him quite freaky looking and disgusting but then we also think how must he think about us?

His Web is quite enormous and we can't now move our shrubs around without destroying it.  He's sort of bullying us.

We can't be sure but our Cale plants that we had been growing labouriously for over 9 months recently had to be binned due to sort sort of infection.   We blame spidee!

So overall this is on the one level a story about Spiders but perhaps it is also a metaphor for other things.