Sunday, September 21, 2014

An audience with Ali

Of course by Ali I am referring to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Whilst she might need no introduction to some she may be a stranger to you.

Originally from Somalia, Ayaan moved from her home country to Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya and then to the Netherlands.

After receiving political asylum she worked as a Somali-Dutch interpreter and translator and then gained a graduate degree.  Following this she became politically active and at the age of 33 became a member of the Dutch parliament after winning her seat in her election campaign.

Since 2006 she has lived in the United States and despite numerous death threats she has continued to speak out on a subject that she knows very well Islam.

In 2014 Brandeis University offered her an honorary degree but after complaints by the Council on American Islamic Relations, the University responded to pressure and withdrew their offer.

This brings us to the present day then Ayaan was asked to speak at Yale University.  The Yale Muslim Students Association wrote an open letter to protest this, and regretfully IMHO this was signed by some unexpected groups (AHA for example)

SO,  what could I recommend you to do.  

  1. Watch the 90 minute lecture here

  2. Goto Amazon, buy and read  Infidel: The Story of My Enlightenment

  3. Goto Amazon, buy and read Nomad:  A personal Journey through the Clash of Civilisations

For me, Ayaan represents a brave and courageous woman, whose intellect and intelligence is beyond question.  She continues to speak plainly and honestly despite continued threats against her life.  If you can only spare 90 minutes of your time, then watch the YouTube video.