Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Sermon: EbolApocalypse

Simian Flu

This is possibly an alarmist posting with no substance but I was just reading the factual news reports about ...

British Ebola patient comes to the UK

US Ebola Patient Kent Bradley thrilled to be alive
(Quote: God was reminding me he will give me everything I need to be faithful to him)

When I cast my mind back to the spread of Simian Flu as shown in the above Planet of the Apes film trailer.   With my best Religious conspiracy hat on I conjectured:

  • Your God has decided that humanity cannot be saved and so a new unstoppable Virus will become a worldwide cleansing reality forthwith.
  • Only the chosen few will be treated with special Experimental drugs and survive
  • So for example the extremely religious Kent Bradley could be an advanced surviving example.
I tried to think of the best Virus Apocalypse movies I had seen in the last few years  (Zombies are excluded since I hear that they are not real :-)

(NB:not really zombies by modern standards)

28 days Later 2002

I am Legend 2007
(Omega man remake, but great)

28 weeks later 2007

Of course my personal Apocalyptic favourite is not Virus related, it is Religion based of course.  Since the above Movies are based on plausible events the best way to chill out IMHO would be to watch the movie below.  Clearly, it is based on fantastical events that could not happen, or maybe, you respectfully and religiously disagree?

[Warning: This Movie contains Adult themes and a sh*t load of Bad Language]


And if all of this is a bit cheezy then above is a more intellectual TED snippet.

(But personally I think that you would all be better served by ordering a copy of Rapture Palooza right now)