Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tour du Pays de Vaud Run One

Penthaz pre run waffle

Every year our local Canton  (i.e County) in Switzerland organises a series of short evening running races in small Swiss towns near our home of Lausanne.  It is called

Tour du Pays de Vaud

This year Agata and Marcus have promised ourselves to really try and support this series.  

And so Wednesday night we set off for  Penthaz.

Initially it was a little cold so we headed back to our car for a quick nap

 Back to where we think we will start   (it is not marked!)

 Some last minute shoe tightening optimisation

 Time to bump into some friends!

Moments before the start.

The course is a lot more hilly than I had imagined.  I knew I should have looked at the profile before hand!

This is just past the last hill, from now on the finish is close by

 The skies may be dark but it is not raining yet!

Princess Agata is spotted!

Some tired looking faces, but with good weather and nicely marked course everyone is in good spirits finishing.

So that is it.  Race 1 completed.    Compliments to Denis Maguire on his ranking!

Marcus 36:29
Agata    41:56
Denis  (4th in his category!) 32:06

Tour du Pays de Vaud
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