Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tour du Pays de Vaud Run #2: Mezieres

Mezieres Pre run waffle

Subtitle: Mézières run #2 Tour du Pays de Vaud

We arrived just 20 minutes before the race, just enough time for Agata to reherse her /crossing the finish line pose/.

Local cropping celebration

I seem to recall that Mezieres course has at least one bottleneck, meaning that if you don't start from the front you will be behind people walking.

So this time Marcus and Agata started from the front and we saw our friend Laurent (waving) also had the same idea.

 Music on, let's go!

 First part of the course was farm roads, tarmac

 Course soon changed to grass and then forest tracks

(I stopped and took a lot more photos but they were all blurred!)

2Km from finish

 Princess Agata is spotted

 750 metres from the finish

Agata up to the last hill

500m to go 

Last hill

Last turn before stadium

 Agata racing to the finish line

Post race poses from Agata and Marcus

Another great evening out running, this time with company. Fantastic!

Marcus time 37:08
Agata time 45:11

(#Mitigation: Both Agata and Marcus had already put in some hours of exercise earlier in the morning so we were quite tired before race)