Sunday, August 03, 2014

Thyon Dixence 2014

Marcus booked the relatively short Thyon Dixence race a few weeks ago.  However I was blissfully unaware that

a) It is flipping 90 minutes drive from home away  (due to a multitude of mountainous switchback roads

b) The weather was going to let us down.

But how did we get on?

Getting Up
It's already been an exercise filled weekend so getting up at 06.30 Sunday morning was not a start we might have chosen.    But that was the time necessary to get up, shower, meet our friend and passenger Valya, drive that 1.5 hour route and have time to park and pickup our race numbers.

Race Report & Strategy

In view of the weather, Marcus's chicken strategy was

a) Take it very easy
b) Test out the new Salomon S-lab sense3 trail shoes
c) Take lots of photos
d) Try to run up all hills
e) Try to chat and shout encouragement to people

 We got our Dossards in record time

 Dropped a Bag to be taken to the finish

Marcus was 100% self supporting however.  Since I was just /plodding/ I took my Camelbak race rucksack filled with food, orange juice,  anorak, mobile, music etcetera ready for a good time.

Pre race waffle!

There were quite a few hundred competitors many of whom started at a fast pace.

Starting from the rear on a race with a single track path means you cannot overtake, well everybody or with difficulty  just anybody!

Marcus wanted to run always but most people seemed to want to walk the hills and when there is about 100 walking people in front of you, you are basically screwed.

I didn't need to stop at the refreshment stops except to take photographs, which on reflection meant I missed the opportunity to overtake,  Still it was fun.

Some considerable time later the finish!  It was cold and raining.  Yuk.

Agata arrived it seems moments later and we claimed our T shirt souvenirs

There was not many noms to eat here so we put our anoraks back on  (it was pretty cold) and we ran down past the cable car line to the local town to catch a bus back to Thyon-2000.

Thyon Dixence 2014 race report

Well I'm pretty sure if we had not pre-booked the tickets the weather would have led us to cancel the run and extend the Sunday morning lie-in.  Nevertheless, we feel great having completed the run.

Marcus chatted with numerous people, encouraging them to run up the hills.

Marcus also tested out the Salomon s-lab sense3 shoes.  Not at all waterproof, not cushioned, but certainly light and nimble.  On thin muddy tracks they make a real difference.  Example: Had I used my cushioned but wider and heavier Salomon S-Lab XT 6 descending thin tracks could really have been problematic.

Thanks to the main sponsor, namely the Hydro Electric Company Grande Dixence  for allowing us to finish the race on the dam itself, and also to the many race helpers who despite the conditions smiled and served us food and drinks.

Agata time 02:14
Marcus time 01:59

Fluids and Food
Agata: 2 Glucose tablets and 400ml water
Marcus: 400ml Orange Juice with USN Epic Pro mixed in

Thyon Dixence website  (terrible!)