Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Sermon: Thanks for the Memory

Peter Gabriel: I don't Remember

Imagine without the aid of any pre recorded material that somebody asks you to remember the detailed events of an important life changing, Spiritual experience from (say) 20 years ago.

They ask you to write it down in some detail.   

It is then translated from your language thru a series of others eventually to my language ... English.

I wonder how reliably accurate would be the story?  

Well this is of course the background to in essence to one of more of the World's religious texts.

But there is something more to consider.  How can you be sure that your memory is accurate and not tampered with before you wrote down your account those 20 or more years later?  

If you saw what you believed to be a /miracle/, could it have been an implanted or suggested memory. Although the following talk will take 52 minutes of your time, I think you should find the results bother interesting and illuminating:

Elizabeth Loftus: The Memory Factory

I suppose the take-away from this discussion must surely be that the more modern the religion, the higher it's accuracy, whilst memories are fresh and un-contaminated.

RAmen, one might say.