Wednesday, August 13, 2014

State of Lausanne August 2014

Subtitle: Camera Test

As a result of what I am sure is a software bug  my Nexus 5 smartphone is at the repair shop.

It seems I am not alone

So I'm currently running a cheap /burner phone/ with only a mere 5 MegaPixel camera.

Bigfoot not found
Today, in this year of 2014 nearly everybody in the world has a Smartphone with a camera.  And something that we carry around 24x7.

And, as such we all have the ability to capture on camera proof of: The Supernatural, Paranormal, Scientific Anomalies and the like.  Despite this the following still elude us

  • Flying Saucers
  • Aliens from outer space
  • Religious miracles
  • Bigfoot
  • The Loch Ness Monster
  • Elvis
It is almost as if these were made up events, or perhaps tall tales made credible or at least consistent by countless retelling and exaggeration.

Back to the Plot
Armed only with my 5 MegaPixel, low resolution camera I've been snapping up Lausanne.  Now if you are really interested in our new /modest phone/ you can check the EXIF data of any of the photographs below.

We DO buy a parking ticket at the Pully Supermarket. Nobody else seems to bother, then we notice that /placing of ticket in car is optional!/

Supermarket prices still leave me feeling faint

How much for chips!

Running at Thyon last week

Agata and Marcus are practically the only non Porsche owners around here

Nice car though and colour co-ordinated alloys

Marcus finishes the Glacier 3000 run.

The bearing on my 15 year old plus Condor bicycle frame

Discussing the triumps and falls at the 2014 Nyon triathlon

The honesty pay for your newspaper service is faltering.  It says the boxes are now under surveillance.

The Honda Integra Type R, now a classic car

Local Art

People are dumping rubbish in the wrong places.  Apparently these sites are now under surveillance too!

So many Porsches on the streets, owners can't even be bothered to park them

The library bus, like something from the 1950's

And continuing the oldy world theme .. the antique clock shop

Nice single speed

How does this cash till shop keep going?

The same question to the adjacent awful taste antique shop

McDonalds has ditched its recent cool advertising and is back to cheap and cheerful

Click to enlarge and check the camera resolution

Agata packs up our Stand Up Paddle  (SUP)

Buy a property today and have it delivered in just 18 months.  Nice going Switzerland. (Not).

Just swanning around in our lakeside park.

So that is the end of Marcus's camera test.  Click on any of the photographs and enlarge to check the detail.