Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shimano Dura Ace 9000 C24 Clincher Cycling Wheels

This is a short review of my new Dura Ace 9000 series C24 (i.e. 24 mm tall) Cycling Wheels.

After my Cycling accident in April my ultra lightweight Mavic R-Sys SL wheel was certainly suspect.  So the safest thing would be to replace it.

Eventually I settled on the Dura Ace 9000 C24 wheelset.  The rationale was

  • I wanted a metal and not Carbon wheel.  Braking on a metal wheel surface is superior and I've seen too many destroyed Carbon wheels on races to think that there is not some unacceptable tradeoff (for me) for their usually lighter weight.
  • Contrary to reports; Agata and Marcus funds are finite. Since this is a wheel for my training bicycle, Carbon Fibre would also be too expensive and shout /steal me/ even in honest Switzerland.
  • The Dura Ace 9000 is the 2013+ wheelset and the C24 is the low profile, non aerodynamic and actually lighter and cheaper part (compared to the aero C50).
  • I'm very sceptical of the benefits of aero wheels and so the cheaper C24 instead of the C50 suits me fine!
  • The weight of the bare font wheel is 606 grams only.  This is staggeringly light
  • Fully loaded with tyre and tube and skewer we are upto 848 grams.

 Continental GP Attack 22mm tyres, less than 170 grams.  Impressive since this tyre is solid and much more substantial than the Supersonic which is 150 grams.

 The lightest Supersonic Continental tube


 On the front 22mm Continental GP attack tyres

 Weight with tyre and tube but without skewer.

Not using Shimano Skewers but ultra lightweight sub 30 gram ones instead.

Outgoing Mavic is 866 grams with tyre and tube and skewer. 

Wait just a minute, 866 grams for the old Mavic wheel.  That is heavier.  Mavic R-SYS SL were supposed to be the /worlds lightest/ clincher rims. Hmm. So Mr Shimano 900 C24 is ligher too.  I am absolutely astonished!

 Bicycle with replaced front wheel.

All done!   Front now Shimano Dura Ace and rear is still Easton rim with 15 year old Campag style block and dérailleur!

In Testing

The wheels were tested on last months 120Km Vaud, La Favorit race.  And since then a further 500Km testing last month without any issue.   Wonderful.

Where to Buy

As usual I'd recommend Wiggle UK to buy these Shimano C24 wheels.   WH-9000

Note on Wiggle Ordering Policy

For non EC customers
Whilst Wiggle is still excellent, their recent policy change to only be able to order in stock items is a pain.  My wheelset was initially out of stock. Therefore, I had to sign up for the /back in stock/ email, and order only these (to Switzerland) once available.   A pain because previously your multiple item order waited until all items were available (i.e. the out of stock ones).  Since I often have multiple out of stock items it would be rare for them all to be in stock concurrently meaning that making an order for each /back in stock/ item means for us non EC customers in Switzerland having to pay the Swiss customs one off inspection fee multiple times.   Hmmm.