Saturday, August 02, 2014

Happy Swiss National Day

Most people outside Switzerland and many of those damn /foreigners/ inside might forget that August 1st is 

Swiss Independence Day

On that day in 1889 3 Swiss Cantons  (districts) got together to form Switzerland.

This was a slightly annoying day for us because Agata had some office commitments she was obliged to keep, but she was at home, which actually was nice for Marcus.

During the evening we started the walk into our home town of Lausanne and I had the opportunity to test out my new and extremely low resolution camera.  Here are the results:

From our balcony, what we love about Switzerland.  TOTAL quiet, zero people around.

I am not sure the locals made any effort when it comes to traditional Swiss clothing especially the women!

The evening walk to the Red Sea Ethiopian restaurant, but where is our dinner date?

Wine is required to pass the time

 To be fair Valya has come all the way from Russia so she can be late!

 All the food was served together on one huge plate.  It was delicious!

Walking towards the Lake Leman revealed a huge street party

On the plus side the fireworks were impressive.  On the shocking side they started 22.15 which is 15 minutes late!

 Roof top clubbing in Lausanne!

 We began the 5Km walk home

 Lausanne is pretty, even at night-time.