Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Google Hangouts connection for Microsoft Windows Mobile

Subtitle:  Google Talk connection for Windows Mobile

I am currently mid way through an evaluation (without prejudice) of Microsoft Windows Mobile 8.     

So far so good for the most part except for Google Hangouts.

Agata and Marcus use Hangouts for messaging between ourselves and other family members 24x7.   It's omission is a major blow!

Whilst Google Search and Google Plus applications written by Google can be installed/ used  on windows Mobile, 


Google Plus

if you consult the Google Plus forum you will see:

From this FAQ

Hangouts is not supported, but I did see that clients connecting with XMPP could still talk to Google Talk which would potentially appear on Hangouts.

Small Aside
There is an extremely irritating trend on the Windows Mobile store where people are writing applications such as Google Hangouts by Ravi Patel, which is an application that merely lists the features of Hangouts, in this case particularly disingenuous given that Hangouts is explicitly not supported on this platform.

I am not sure who is the bigger fuckwit,  Mr Patel for creating the application or Microsoft for allowing it into the store.

Flame off.

Something Working

Eventually I found the IM+ application  which actually seems to work  (It potentially says it can connect to many other IM, but I only need Google Talk, lucky because I also tried Skype and that does not work!)

So all is now well.  Agata's ancient Apple iPhone 4 has a native Google Plus Hangouts application.   When I from this Microsoft Windows phone compose a Google Talk message using the IM+ application it gets to her Hangouts.

Why not use Skype messaging I hear you ask? Well because the Hangouts message seems to alert on her iPhone.  Whereas, if I send a Skype message to her Apple iPhone it does not alert, so she has to manually check for messages, i.e. that's not a solution.

I will writeup the full Windows Mobile review presently,  a small spoiler: the results are a little surprising to me.