Saturday, August 09, 2014

Glacier 3000 run 2014

Pre race video diary

A report of this Saturdays entertainment:  

Glacier 3000 run, 2014 version

It was a litte deja-vu but like last week we had to get up before 07am on a weekend and you know how much that hurts.

We had packed the essentials the night before and so after an 80 minute drive we arrived at the deliciously posh ski resort of Gstaad.

 It tells the time in Gstaad

(From one of my favourite movies: Trading Places)

We arrived with time to spare and Marcus got his race number and made his way to the start


Pre race musical delights

We noticed immediately how posh Gstaad is.  First there was free, pre race water for competitors and next we were serenaded by a delightful wind ensemble.  Ah this is life!

The plan was Marcus would run up to the finish at the Glacier 3000 station.  Meanwhile, Agata would drive the car to the Col du Pillon cablecar station.  Then she would hike the steep mountain and meet Marcus at Glacier 3000.  Post race we'd just both take the cable car down to Col du Pillon.

Let us run

Marcus was carrying a phone as a camera, his music (iPod and headphones), gadgets (heart rate monitor, Tomtom gps watch)  food  (2 SIS gels and glucose tablets)

 The Course

Marcus actually studied the course since I wanted to know when I would have to climb those 2000 metres.  Turns out most of it in the last 10Km.   Yikes.


There were several Refreshment stops serving water, ISOtonic fluid, hot soup  (yuk!) or full fat coke.  Some stops also had Sponsor energy gels at some stops.  Brilliant.

 Relay Point
 At the 16Km point Marcus made it in about 90 minutes.   Here if you are in the relay team, you stop and let your partner continue the last 10Km or so and about 1500 metre ascent.   That is the tough bit!

I tried to keep the speed down to 12Km/h in order to conserve some energy for that climb!

Unusually on this race when an uphill incline was encountered on the first 16Km (i.e. before the big ascent), runners kept running.  They did not break into a walk.

I think this race attracted runners who wanted to try and run wherever possible.  I like that and it meant that on single track ascending segments I just stayed in a line of runners, not the usual stuck behind an almost infinite line of walkers.

 Okay that peak in the distance is where we are going ... gulp!

 Initially Marcus actually tried to run the ascent.  There was actually me and one other running trying this.  Yes, just the two of us, amongst several hundred.  [Note: No doubt the front runners ran, but we were too far behind to verify!]

 Beautiful views

 Above 2000 metres the snow kept appearing

 I think my private frequent photography service raised some smiles as I had to photograph, then try and re-catch up the groups of runners that passed me.

Agata arrives before me and snaps a photo of me on the last 100 metres.

 Some people look a little tired.

I can't explain it but post race Marcus is as fresh as a daisy.  Perhaps I should have run a bit faster :-)


 Marcus goes back for a synthetic finishing photograph

As you can see at 3000 metres up it is both snowy and amidst the clouds.

Agata's Hike

Just out of sight on the right, hidden by clouds is the Glacier 3000 station that we will meet at.

Marcus comment: I really have no idea how she managed it!   On the cable car down I was scared looking at the vertical drops and when Agata pointed out the path that she just ascended I at first did not believe her!  But it seems true.  She is a /mountain billygoat/.


Post race video diary

We both had a splendid time today.   Marcus on his run and Agata on her hike.

The forecast light rain did not arrive so we both had a dry and often sunny outlook towards the mountains and environment that makes Switzerland such a beautiful country to live in.

Thanks to the excellent organisation 


Marcus ran in 03:39

Food and Fluids
Marcus ate 2xSIS gels + 2 thin Sponsor Gels + 10 mini Glucose tablets. Marcus drank about 400 ml Isotonic drink.

Glacier 3000 website
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