Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Do not buy a new mobile phone until October

Subtitle: Pick Me!  My announcement is better!

To younger members of the audience I can relate to you a time from let us say 20 years ago.  In that time when watching TV you could not necessarily record the other channel, or /play it again/ using the iPlayer or an.other internet based Video service.

And just to be really annoying  Television companies had a habit of scheduling important programming at the same time.

Forward to 2014 ....

What is it with all of these manufacturers?   Can't they space out their announcements?

Is September and October some sort of Gadget update free for all?   Electronics manufactures worldwide are falling over themselves to stage large product announcements.  We shall be bombarded!

Apple iPhone 6
Set for September 9th?  Close to ominous timing Apple :-!

Motorola X, G and 360
September 4th we believe?

Nexus 6
September something?

Lenovo Z2 Vibe Pro

Announced, but not shipping.
Nice Camera

Samsung Alpha

Already announced!

Of course here in Switzerland we have some natural/ un-natural impediments to the manufacturer desired spending frenzy

  1. US gets the goods before Europe
  2. EC countries get the goods before Switzerland
  3. Switzerland well, whenever, no rush then.

So personally I am in no particular hurry.   I've said before that I can wait, and even with my currently <Broken> and off to service Nexus 5 that remains my position.

Well, unless something ground-breaking is released.  But I doubt it!