Friday, August 08, 2014

Day 09: We are Home again

We are on the last day of our energetic Cornwall motorhome adventure.  Today chronicling Friday July 24th, return to Switzerland :-(

It was time to leave Swiss Farm Touring and Camping but before we do, as motorhome noobs we thought that similar motorhome wannabies might just like to see how nice the facilities can be:

As shown above our pitch was flat, with electric power and quite private.

 This is the shower and toilet blocks

 Different areas for larger motorhomes and static caravans.

As you can see this was the shower room.  Clean, large and private.

Aside: Marcus's feet seem almost better now after the initial Ultramarathon bruising.

Breakfast then go
We had an extended breakfast then the plan was to drive back to the JustGo motorhome rental office near Luton airport,  and ask to be dropped back to the airport, then spentd our remaining hours walking around Luton.

We had to drop the motorhome back by 11.00 and they specify that it is cleaned inside and full of fuel and gas.  We left ourselves plenty of time, we did not want to incur any penalty charges etc.

On arrival at JustGo  things worked out as expected.  The vehicle was thoroughly checked and the minor faults that we found  (but did not cause) noted.

JustGo recommend a morning return of the motorhome and and afternoon pickup.  This is consistent with and perhaps necessary because the connecting roads to JustGo are narrow.  Two motorhomes meeting would cause a jam.  One party would have to reverse several hundred metres! 


We took a connecting bus and walked around Luton town.  It was a bit grim and we did not have anything to buy.  So eventually we decided to walk back to the Airport, which we did, about 70% of the way

Next after what seemed ages we boarded our Easyjet flight back to Geneva.   Oh the holiday is over :-(

Steps today including Marcus's grumpy Luton steps.  (It was blisteringly hot and we did not find a park to sit down and relax in)

The Weekend Plan
They say getting old means that you plan your holiday to have an unpacking day at home.

So Marcus and Agata are just a little worried that we scheduled in 2 unpacking/ unwind days at the end of our fantastic holiday!

Perhaps we are really really old, or just perhaps quite exhausted :-)


Swiss Farm Campsite

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