Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Day 07: Lands End, Minak Theatre, Bude

Today we are reviewing  Day07, Wednesday July 23rd of our Cornwall motorhome adventure.

Due principally to exhaustion we got up late! 9am at Wheal Rodney Camping. As usual though there was time for a shower at the Campsite followed by breakfast in the motorhome.

Having an electric hookup means we can keep our Fridge ice cold and our cereal based breakfast with milk was delicious!

It was also time to start the clothes washing and drying so although we tried to parallel activities we did not leave until 11am.

Lands End

Marcus noticed that Land's End was nearby and so given that this is quite a famous place in the British consciousness we felt we had to go.

But tiny thin roads did cause some heart palpitations, eventually we arrived, accident free!

Although the initial sign was welcoming and the paid parking spacious the buildings just shouted /tourist trap/ in capital letters.

Even the photographic spot is cordoned off and you need to pay a photographer (shown behind) for the privilege.

The cafes and entertainments being so mediocre we planned for another cliffside walk.

Agata's fascination for sitting on the edges of cliffs continues.

We found a great place for a secluded English home  (lottery winning withstanding)  on this tiny outcrop of rocks.  Fine with a custom house and helicopter pad we fantasised.

Minak Theatre

The Minak coastal and open air theatre is a now famous open air theatre, the creation of Rowena Cade and friends.

 We had some difficulty parking.  Our camper was sticking over the parking space bay and we could not dial the car park owners  (no wardens around) to find out if we were legal.  If you look in the picture on the upper right in the distance is a very narrow path to the theatre.  The local gallery owners of this car park told us there was a free car park at the end of this narrow path and we should try there.

So we did ...  Stone walls and cars coming in the other direction made for some slow driving and heart stopping driving, culminating eventually in a safely parked camper next to the theatre entrance.

We did not have time to view a production only pay an entrance fee to visit the Theatre grounds.

100 miles to Bude
Our next desination was Bude some 100 miles away. Although we had charted a course on a major A30 road it was uncomfortably thin in places.

Some driving later we arrived.

Upper Lynstone Camping

Again, we arrive to another camping site, selected on the day of arrival, paid for by Debit card over the phone and with full electric, and shower facilities, all for a knock-down price.    We simply parked, connected electrics, left all our gadgets charging, then with head torches, and dinner from our Fridge we started to walk into Bude town.

It's really so beautiful here.  Of course the dry and warm weather helped to promote our happy holiday feelings.

We walked all the way to the beach where surfers were still attempting to ride the waves.  On the right of this panorama is the open-air ocean pool.   This is filled with sea water at high tide daily and emptied at night.  Agata forgot her swimming costume so we vowed to come back on Thursday morning to rectify matters.

Next we thought we would walk up to that far distant cliff and try and find a sunset spot for dinner

A romantic and quite healthy dinner on the cliffs above Bude watching the sun go down.

Surfers coming in

Another adventure packed, exciting and interesting day for us.   We are thrilled with our Campervan lifestyle holiday.  Lots of exercise, new places, new sights, good weather .. it does not get much better than this.

Day07 Video Diary

Wheal Rodney Camping
Lands End
Minak Theatre
Upper Lynstone Camping
Day07 Video Diary

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