Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Day 06: Heligan Gardens, Lizard Point, Marazion

We continue a review of day06 of our recent holiday in the UK.  Today, Tuesday July 22nd.

Late Rising
After the full day of touristic activities of Monday we only managed to rise at 9am. Then making a video diary, having breakfast, taking a shower, packing up took us till 11am this Tuesday morning. Finally we left.

Just to re-iterate The Meadows Campsite was quiet, fantastically priced, with helpful staff and good facilities.

Heligan Gardens

This is a restored set of gardens by the same team that was later responsible for the Eden Project.   To Marcus it was rather boring!   I struggled to find anything really interesting and when I found the beehives were deserted, well that was it!  We consoled ourselves on several longish walks of the grounds.

With this mediocre experience; before leaving we stopped to have a delicious lunch in our camper.   Those wonderful ready meals.  Yum.

Lizard Point 
Next stop the most southerly point in Great Britain, Lizard Point.

On the small roads  driving was somewhat difficult but we this think guy had it tougher!

We arrived just minutes after the closing of the Lighthouse at 17.00, a major disappointment!

We noted the fantastically cliffside located Youth Hostel Association (YHA) accommodation, but we have a camper van and don't need it!

With the lighthouse closed we decided on a long coastal walk.

Actually, first Agata insisted that we walk down to the old disused Lifeboat station so Agata could dip her toes into the Ocean!

Yes we walked all the way over to the white dot on the right! And then back to Lizard Point town.

Wheal Rodney Camping

A campsite within walking distance of our next destination Marazion.  Booked on the day of arrival using ukcampsite, again for a bonkers low price!

Arrival was somewhat difficult, the roads were extremely narrow but Agata's proficiency had now developed such that she used Google Maps to ascertain the widest roads to travel on to minimise Marcus's driving angst in this 2.3 metre wide motorhome   (still scary!)

On arrival we simply parked, connected up mains electric and left to walk to Marazion.

Marazion dinner and sights

Marazion is impossibly quaint!

The Trump card however is the castle St Michaels Mount which is connected at low tide via a rough stone paved driveway.  At high tide this is submerged.  Wow!

Dinner with a view
Our restaurant looked out towards the castle.  A perfect end to the evening we thought.

Marcus got a new blister

The only downside to the day was that all this working caused the small /race/ blister on the underside of Marcus's foot to get larger not smaller and I limped a few Km home to the motorhome where we barely managed a late night campsite shower before almost collapsing with exhaustion into our bed.  Another fantastic day.  Goodnight!

Day06 Cornwall Adventure

The Meadows Campsite 
Heligan Gardens
Lizard Point 
Wheal Rodney Camping

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