Monday, August 04, 2014

Day 05: Lahydrock House, Cornwall, Eden Project

Marcus watching BBC news via our 4G Internet connection over breakfast with Manuka honey!

Today we relive the events of Monday, holiday day05,  July 21st as we head towards Cornwall.

Leaving Cornish Farm
We only spent 1 night at Cornish Farm Touring Park  but the facilities were clean and tidy,  the pitches immaculate and the price, well almost nothing.  Really recommended.

BTW: Our first time emptying our Grey (kitchen) water tanks and replenshing them.  Took time but easy enough. 

Sainsbury's stock up with food and fuel
A stock up with food and supermarket petrol at a local out of town Sainsbury's had us in contemplative mood.  In Switzerland there is a suspiciously cartel like grip of 2 quality supermarkets who both agree to give the customer poor choice, high prices and mediocre service.  

Marcus who has worked professionally in UK retail left this UK supermarket almost in tears.  

In England the Supermarket chains compete with each other to give the customer an excellent selection at affordable prices. Comparison, there is no comparison!

Canglaze caves

After a somewhat nerve racking time navigating small roads with hard stone walls we arrived at Carnglaze Caves

This turned out to be a old Slate mine which you can walk inside.  NOT very interesting we thought although the owners tried hard to make it so :-(

Lahydrock National Trust victorian house
Next we arrived to the National Trust Lahydrock house.  Marcus was initially cynical when the receptionist told us about the 50 rooms that were on display.  But Marcus was 100% wrong.  This place is 

absolutely fantastic!

We only show below a small selection of the rooms that we visited, but aside from the house, there is also a restaurant and tea room and also manicured gardens to explore.   Just a few of our memories  (click to enlarge or save_as download at full resolution)

To cap it all we made the tea room 10 minutes before last orders and obtained a lovely fresh cream tea for 2.  Only 10 GBP.  Another English bargain.

But the day was not done yet!   After a long walk of the gardens we reluctantly left Lahydrock, destination the Eden Project.

The Eden Project
The Eden Project is a collection of plants from around the world housed in some giant metal framed plastic shielded biomes. It is a major; if not the major Cornwall tourist attraction.

As both Engineers and Scientists Marcus and Agata were keen to see and support a project that utilises these themes.

With Internet research we found that the last ticket sales were 18.30.   We arrived to the nearest car park at 18.20 but even so we had to jog the several hundred metres to the ticket office arriving at 18.28.

This turned out to be a stoke of brilliance because between then and the closing time of 20.00 the place is almost totally deserted.  We were actually alone in the Rainforest Biome for most of our walk.  Unbelievable.

Judging by the prolific cafeteria facilities this place can accommodate over 1000 tourists at a time.  In our case 0 bus loads of screaming kids.  Result!

Substantial educational displays on the Environment.

 The triffid like component of this banana

Information on leading thinkers of the time.

 Tropical / Rainforest Biome

Mediterranean Biome

We left at 20.30 towards our campsite for this evening:

The Meadows Pentewan

We had researched a nearby (to Eden Project) campsite and arrived at the Meadows have found this site via ukcampsite and then having paid an amazingly low 20GBP for the one night stay.   These prices are very reasonable to us!

We already had a fully stocked fridge so we gathered together some choice foods and wine (of course), our powerful head torches and other essentials and headed out towards Pentewan.   The amazingly helpful campsite office manager gave us a map with some recommendations.  Again brilliant.

It actually seemed to take ages to get to the shore at Pentewan via a river toepath/ forest, an issue since we were both very hungry.  Luckily our choice Pastas and South African wine more than compensated.  After dinner with headtorches blazing and alcohol circulating the walk home seemed so much more amiable and shorter!

Statistics and Summary

As you can see, this Monday we put in a fair amount of walking, we are now pretty exhausted and think sleep will come easily this evening!

Our holiday is turning out to be 100% fantastic. Perhaps one day soon all our days could be this joyous and eventful.

Day05 summary

Canglaze caves

Cornish Farm Touring Park
The Eden Project
Lahydrock National Trust Victorian house

The Meadows Campsite

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