Sunday, August 03, 2014

Day 04: Avebury to Bristol to Somerset

Leaving Avebury

Welcome back to Day 04 of our Cornwall motorhome adventure.  Today we document Sunday July 20th.

As the above video diary says we had a good nights sleep in our motorhome in Avebury at the finish of the 100Km Ultra Run than we just completed.

Marcus's main injury as such was the two blackened toe nails as shown above.  Hardly life threatening :-)  Agata has some similar toe nail bruising and we don't think this will effect the remainder of our Cornwall adventure!

Before leaving we headed to the End of Race food area.

Marcus had a bacon burger.  Rather unusual since he is almost a vegetarian these days.

We then spent some time congratulating the 100Km walkers who were arriving on this Sunday morning.

Finally we left Avebury with happy memories and first stop was the town of Marlborough.  We walked around most of the town and then visited Waitrose for some supplies.

Yet again we came to realise that British Supermarkets are so far ahead in terms of price, quality, selection, opening hours as compared to Swiss Supermarkets that we have been accustomed to.  Well we left practically speechless, smiling cheek to cheek.

We continued driving towards Bristol taking a stop in a Motorway services area.  We looked on at other motorhome owners.  How do they drive those large motorhomes?

By law you are allowed to stop for upto 2 hours free of charge and this was enough time for us to prepare and eat a healthy lunch.  Fantastic, we did not have to go into a smeggy Service station either for lunch or the toilet!

Arrival at Bristol and the middle of music festival so finding a parking space large enough for a motorhome was non trivial.  Troublingly car park signs told us to take all valuables due to risk of theft, so a heavy rucksack later we walked towards Bristol centre.

Everywhere was full of people!

Live music  was great although it was blisteringly hot.

We left Bristol for our next destination the Cornish Farm Touring Park in Somerset.

A plain and simple campsite.  Booked on the Internet earlier today and again for a bargain price of 25GBP.  This price includes freindly staff, electric hookup and use of all campsite facilities including hot showers, toilets, washing machine, etc. What a bargain :-)

Dinner Out
We phoned for a taxi and ended up at a recommended restaurant.  Marcus ate fish and chips, for the first time in some years.  We had such a good time that somewhere between leaving the pub and arriving home [by taxi] we mislaid the remainder of our bottle of Red Wine.  Ho hum.

Day04 summary


Not bad we think for the day after our 110,000 step run!

Cornish Farm Touring Park

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