Friday, August 01, 2014

Day 02: Arrival Avebury

Morning report from Wellington Country Park

Today we are reliving the events of 

Friday July 18th 2014, day 2, of our recent UK holiday

The Campsite Run
We awoke early in our motorhome at Wellington Country Park, and found out it is more than just a campsite, but also an adventure playground and activities centre.

Bearing in mind our Ultramarathon scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) we thought that we would go for a 5Km run which we achieved using our race shoes.  We tried to do a bit of Parcours exercises along the way and it was quite fun since this Park has a nice lake and lots of attractions for kids (i.e. Marcus)

How many pre-historic creatures do you see in this picture?

Campsite Firsts

As total campsite/ motorhome noobs we found something called an Elsan point.  This turns out to be where you put toilet waste.  Here you see Marcus with suitable grimace!

NB: It seems in the UK that the toilet compartment is a small plastic box into which you put chemicals.  Conversely in the USA from YouTube it seems that the black water is normally an integrated tank that you flush in the same way as our shower water and kitchen water (gray water tank) in England.

Parking in Reading
We left Wellington and set off for Reading. We searched out Decathlon our favourite European sanely priced Sports Equipment store.  We parked in their car park without issue to stock up with some last minute items. Decathlon, we love you!  [Not available in Switzerland ...Hmmm]

Next we drove next door to Staples.  After shopping there we needed to make an emergency visit to Boots to get some medication for Marcus.  On our return we could not believe that on our windscreen was attached  a 100 Pound  (100 GBP aka 170 USD) fine because  /we left the site/.  Unbelievable. How mean can you get. On a day when the parking site was practically deserted. The company that came up with this ridiculous condition is UKCPS Ltd.

Anyway Reading was hot and there were several summery festivals happening but we were too busy to stick around.  We need to get to Avebury!

Arrival Avebury
Arrival at the race finish in Avebury.   We were not the first to arrive but close.  Initially we parked our motorhome in a quiet corner.  Later a security guard apologetically asked us to move.  Neighbours had complained, that presumably /they could see a motorhome/ and that was offensive to them.  Hmm. We re parked.

Next a walk into Avebury.   We first visited the only pub and then headed out to the tourist attractions.

Avebury Sights
Impossibly quaint cottage, one of many

Avebury stones  are at the end of tomorrow's running race before doubling back to the finish line.  We checked them out today because tomorrow we would be rushing past only.

Of course we always visit the church.  This is the church of St James, Avebury

Last Preparations
We have to get up at 04.00 Saturday in order to make the 05.00 bus from Avebury to Chinnor where the race starts.  

Just to remind everybody, this is the 100Km Race to the Stones!

So an early night is in order.

But before that we get all our race clothes ready, and pack our racing rucksacks with all of the mandatory items which are

Head torch
>500ml fluids
Warm top

End of Day Summary (Friday July 18)
Day 02 summary

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