Friday, August 15, 2014

80's Deep Dive

Shalamar:Make that Move

Whilst tunnelling into YouTube for a linked musical video to my purposefully ambiguous Pirate Bay posting   I became lost in a linked series of  80's videos.

Now for those of you /youngsters/ who were not around then, well you just missed all of the fun.

Because in Western Europe and America there was a lot of music and dancing.  With all the dancing different races intermingled, men and women intermingled.   People were optimistic and dreamt of a more equal future. They absolutely did not think about reading an old religious book and /religiously/ following all of its teachings back to a time of injustice, ignorance, inequality and tribalism. 

But I digress.

And for those of you who were dancing then, sit back, relax, remember, enjoy:

Love Come Down:Evelyn Champagne King