Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Withings Pulse Wrist Band

So finally it has arrived!   

The Withings Pulse is a fitness step and running tracker.  I reviewed it here  and since October 2013 it is my primary tools for measuring daily steps walked or run.

It is also pretty unique in that it contains a Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Oxygen analyser.

Shown here next to my Mio heart rate monitor

On the controlling smartphone app  (to which the pulse sends data via Bluetooth periodically) you can ask to have the time rotated by 90 degrees as shown here so that when you first press the button the time is displayed the right way around.

The unit simply slides into the strap and stays there by friction. Not a chance for it to fall out.

Overall then:  The band costs about 15GBP / 20 CHF so was relatively cheap.  After a week of usage I actually prefer wearing the Pulse on my waist using a clip, so I'll only use it on my wrist on lesser occasions.