Monday, July 21, 2014

Synology DS411+II Network Attached Storage End of Term Report

At the Marcus and Agata household we are involved in some Digital Consolidation.

And so we have come to say goodbye (for Production use) to our 100% faithful

Synology DS411+II

Network Attached Storage

Note: Not all NAS Operating systems are created equal. IMHO there are only 2 high functional choices Synology or QNAP.   I don't care what fancy hardware other vendors have, their OS is abysmal!

Note2: In principle you could rig up an old Intel Server and install FreeNAS onto it or even Windows 2012 storage server.  BUT, you'd probably have a big, noisy and energy hungry solution, one that didn't power on and off automatically on a schedule and was generally high maintenance.

For these reasons I'd choose Synology any day...

4 disk bays, and an alerts screen on the right showing any out of line events etc.

Access to low level SMART information of course

Able to set HDD spin down as well as whole device power on and off, silent or with beep power schedule.

I upgraded the memory to 4GB.  (the maximum possible)

Always provided at least 50MB/sec transfer rate  (sometimes 80MB/sec +) for windows transfers

Raw disks are added into a resizable (upward only) Disk storage pool

This is what is actually puts onto the disk.  I presume the OS and other low level information onto first 2 small partitions.

What would a Nextgen Product Have?

  • SSD Caching (say a M.2/ NGFF long slot)
  • Large Memory Caching (say upto 16GB RAM memory)
  • At least 4, 1Gbit Ethernets
  • For a high end product 10Gb Ethernet (and not at ridiculous cost!)
  • Excellent Software

I'm still waiting for a worthy Synology nextgen (or even Qnap) product at not hysterical cost.  In particular Synology has a current habit of using slow=ish processors and small memory footprint, they don't have SSD caching on almost anything, and are pretty mean with 4 Ethernet units.  

10Gb Newby
(Multi part and the best practical article for home 10Gb I have seen so far)