Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday Sermon: Transcendence

Transcendence: Trailer 1

trans-cend-ence adj.
1. Surpassing others; preeminent or supreme.
2. Lying beyond the ordinary range of perception: "fails to achieve a transcendent significance in suffering and squalor" (National Review).
3. Philosophy
a. Transcending the Aristotelian categories.
b. In Kant's theory of knowledge, being beyond the limits of experience and hence unknowable.
4. Being above and independent of the material universe. Used of the Deity.

Transcendence; Trailer 2

It not actually what you think, you know, self aware machine becomes power crazed and tries to take over the world.

This film is a subtle morality tale

Who is good, and who is bad, and who is mad?

Please don't reserve judgement until watching the film, and watching it right to the end.

Jorma Kaukonen:Genesis