Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Sermon: No Simple Explanation

OFNF vs the Facts

Subtitle: No Simple Explanation

Marcus currently does a lot of YouTube watching.   In fact watching broadcast TV is now practically a thing of the past. And so (amongst a lot of others) I subscribe to 

AronRa's youtube channel

This Sunday morning  I sat at first patiently but then enthralled and interested as Aron documented his attempts to have a dialog with OFNF

Each side has a viewpoint that they are unlikely to change but which view is based on fact and which on fiction?

But maybe there is some agreement on:

  • When you setup a challenge/ debate/ argument you need to be very clear what needs to be proved/ established.  Otherwise each side will claim victory, dismiss the other
  • When it comes to Evolution though a sketch of the truth of Evolution can take a sentence, a convincing argument may not be so simple and in view of its significance perhaps rightly so.
  • Most of us inherit beliefs, behavioural patterns and ways of thinking learned from our parents and environment at an early age.  Later in life even if we are shown and somewhat recognise these beliefs to be in error we find it between difficult to impossible to overcome this early programming.

    Further, that early programming does not typically include the scientific method because we were just too young.
  • Some changes in the world take place so slowly that there is no humanly observable change within a single Generation
  • All forms of knowledge including Scientific are being established at a rate much faster in this century than 2000 years ago
  • In this century we know from the Internet what was said by whom and when, multiple video and text sources will re-enforce a viewpoint.  Conversely 1000 or 2000 years ago this level of recording was not nearly accurate. Some biblical texts were written decades after the event occurred.  Can you think back 30 years in your lifetime to a day and write down the events clearly?
If you have a lot of patience you can watch the above video all the way thru (22 minutes), and for superpoints you can watch the responses to that video and the responses to the responses.

My usual starting point when speaking to Religious Fundamentalists is to ask them how it is that they can be sure that their God's words are inerrant; and that their holy book (or translation of) is true viz a viz a competitive religion.  And, if some part of their holy text can be shown to be in error or inconsistent with observable facts, reality, logic or contemporary ethics how should we move forward?

Now to close, perhaps you do not have 22 minutes of YouTube time to spare so instead how about a more digestible 10 minutes:

Thinking about Religion