Saturday, July 19, 2014

Start Fitness - Sock Report

Both Agata and Marcus really enjoy are running.  However we realise that we need to constantly care for the health and well-being of our legs and in particular feet.

Aside from the right shoes for the right surface, terrain, distance and climate we would also recommend that you look carefully at what socks you are wearing.

The Parameters that we care about

  • Cushioning.  Should it be a thick or thin sock.  Cushoned in certain places only such as heal and toe?
  • Ventilation:  Mesh parts to improve ventilation, but then at these areas less or no cushoning
  • Durability: The sock should last at least a couple of months of use.  Let's say at least 500Km of running.
  • Specificity:  Special socks for Cycling as Opposed to running.  For Marcus, more padding for trail socks at toes is helpful on descents, as is a sock which slips less
  • Length: Low cut sock exposing ankles, slightly longer just to cover, or longer still to make for complete skin coverage when teamed with long trousers

These are just some of the factors we consider.  After much research we would recommend the vendors:

a_n_manufacturer original e.g. Nike, Asics etc.

Here are some of Marcus's top choices

London running sock.

Best overall running sock.  Marcus choice for Marathons and general training.

Fell and Trail Sock

Thin sock overall but padding at the ends.  Excellent ventilation.  Marcus choice for Ultra Marathon.

Oregon Trail
Quite a padded sock.  Good for plodding trail training runs

Cycling Tour Sock:
The defacto sock for cycling

Decathlon Kanergy
A must for post race wear.  No matter how sore by feet, ankles or calves are after a race, with these on, I can walk normally and smile as if to say /yes, that was easy/.

The most important rule we live by is to make sure the socks are in good condition and to change them when you notice the slightest bit of detoriation.

These More Mile socks shown above are only about 4GBP  (6CHF, 7USD) per pair.  This is a fraction of the price of a branded /Acics or Nike sock/.

Really recommended!