Thursday, July 17, 2014

Running Pouch Review

A most economical running bag

Subtitle: Fanny Bag, Money Belt, Water Resistant Pouch for Running

This is a review of the /no brand/  Waist Mounted Running Pouch for Runners.

Why do I need one?
During a running race a race belt is normally used to hold your race number or Dossard.  However in recent years it tends to do more.   It can also have loops on the belt to hold nutritional or hydration gels, and some belts include a small pocket for small items such as keys or even a pocket large enough to hold a credit card wallet or a Smartphone.

What is a Running Expo
When you attend a running race you will often find an exposition of Running equipment and gizmos in a tent or area near the race.   They often sell these belts.

In fact here we picked up some alternative belts  (as shown in the above video).

We had a Zipvit Race Belt, which is an elasticated belt with some loops to hold Gels.    Then we also found the SPI Belt which has a small zippable elasticated water/ sweat resistant pouch

Why we'd recommend our ebay bag find because:

  • The cost was only 3GBP including postage.  Amazing.
  • Large zippable pocket that can accomodate my Nexus 5 smartphone and wallet and a house key.
  • Pocket is slightly waterproofed inside  (not quite as good as SPI) but pretty good and we would always recommend wrapping water sensitive items in a minimalist plastic bag anyway.
  • Nice thick belt - helps keep my tummy in!
  • -ve: No loops to hold gels or to attach Dossard so not the best for races, better for everyday /run to the office/ use.

eBay: Running Bag
SPI Running Belt at Wiggle