Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My current phone is more powerful than I need

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Full title:
My current phone is more powerful than I [will ever] need but I still want a better one?

If this syndrome is familiar to anybody, read on. I know it is something that both Marcus and Agata have faced continually ...

First it is not all bad news.

If you understand the irritating logical and emotional conundrum that is behind the above statement it at least show that you have thought about the issue and are planning to address it.

Agata Real Reasons to Upgrade
+ I have had this phone for 3 years now and I bloody deserve a new one husband! My iPhone doesn't even have Bluetooth Low Energy and is glacially slow.

Marcus Real Reasons to Upgrade
+ I take a lot of photographs.  I sold my Android Smart Camera (Samsung Galaxy).  I just want a smartphone with an expectational Camera to avoid constantly carrying a separate dedicated device.

Don't Upgrade
- If I upgrade to Apple phone x or Android phone y  just before their respective technical conferences or projected product refreshes, I really am a freaky MF

- The new phone is simply faster than the current one, although the current one is plenty fast enough already

- My friend X has this new phone Y and X told me it is just what I need

- The new phone is almost 0.3mm thinner than the old one

- My friend X needs a new phone.  If I give X my current phone for free then I can buy a new phone

iphone 6 walkthru

iphone6 dummy body

Since Apple makes a habit of not disclosing product refresh dates even unofficially; the above dummy body video is as close as you will get to physicals of new iphone product.

everything is amazing but
Are things really so bad?

To summarise
  Both Marcus and Agata do actually have genuine reasons for wanting a Smartphone upgrade.  But we are pretty stoic about it and we'll wait it out until product launch.

Conversely, if your current Apple or Android phone does what you need it to do, then my recommendation is to smile and not pine after new product that will not really make your life any better.

Bizzarely timed UPDATE
Since the upgrade to Android 444 my Nexus 5 has been difficult to charge.  And in last days /impossible to charge/.  I see from google product forums that I am not alone


And now I've tried everything and nothing is able to charge my phone.  (4 different chargers, 4 different cables, soft and cache wipe, mains or USB sources, all failed.  I measured USB voltages and currents in posts see my multiple posts in above link)

It's down to 0% and dead as a dodo.  I just took it to Swiss service.  They tell me at least 14 days before it returns. Hmmm.