Monday, July 07, 2014

Marcus finally has another handbuilt Bicycle

So probably if you have been reading our blog lately you will know that as a result of an accident from which I am still recovering I decided to rebuild my training/ backup bicycle.

To be frugal I tried to recycle as many of the old components as possible. Further, whilst the frame is a Dedacciai DR15 it does not really compare with the beauty, quality, or price of the outgoing Condor Baracchi 531 Superlight

Here however is the best that I could achieve:

The finished product, well almost ...

The Mavic SL-R wheel is actually borrowed from my Race bicycle because the old one was trashed in the accident.  I'm still awaiting a replacement, probably  a Dura Ace 9000 C24

Actually the Mavic wheel is supposed to be lighter, just that the Dura Ace wheels are indestructible. Perhaps the right choice for a training bicycle.

The rear Easton wheel is still mated to the Campagnolo obsolete gear train!  Also notice the Cadence and rotational sensors from the TomTom Multipsorts watch are transferred. They use Bluetooth LTE to communicate.

The seat angles down.  It is supposed to.  This way you can change your seat to pedal distance microscopically.  Up the seat and back, longer.  Down the seat; shorter.  On steep ascents whilst sitting I use longer.

By Design the Front Handlebar is raised some 6 cm so that the drop between the seat and the bars is pretty much zero.

I am a CRITIC of the high seat low handlebar position except for sprints and races.  For longer riding I believe this would contribute to back pain and injury.

The mounting of my lights  (used at all times even during daylight hours) has to be under since the handlebar is crowded with the Triathlon bars

Some old yet distinguished Campagnolo brakes

New Speedplay Titanium pedals, old front and rear derailleus, cranks and chainrings.   All cables are new Campagnolo,

And the icing on the cake.  A perfect fit inside baby Audi

Shakedown Testing

When I've built a bicycle it is then a question of performing a succession of tests to perform nothing is screwed up or loose.  For this bicycle this was mainly

a) Cycling around the Underground Garage

b) Short <5Km runs outside, including hills

c) Medium 20Km runs to Agata's office  (includes a lot of steep descents and ascents)

d) Finally some runs of between 100 and 200 Km (e.g. Saturday June 14th and July 06)

At these various runs I take with me a set of tools in my rucksack.

I try to cycle on quiet roads so I can hear any noises/ creaks

I try out the bicycle on steep ascents and descents when you stress the cranks and brakes and headset.

I have a phone handy to call Agata for my emergency rescue in case something should catastrophically break  (the bicycle not me I hope)

All is well ?
Well the mission is certainly accomplished.

My beautiful Condor which was damaged in the accident now has a new frame and a transplant of undamaged components  (ancient drivetrain/ groupset) to new Dedacciai frame.

Of the nine Campgnolo speeds I can only access 8, and the drivetrain is definitely creaking.  (By that I mean that there are lots of noises and manual fine adjustment is necessary after changing into every gear)

The bicycle is lighter than before and after over 1500Km of testing runs I am proud to announce that the bicycle is working fine as my training bicycle.

Now all that I need is for Marcus to recover also so I can move on from my current mild holding-pattern training to something more productive and energetic.