Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Lamborghini Driving Test

In the old days,   I mean something like the 1980's it was a given that the Lamborghini was a difficult car to drive.

Much of this was due to the somewhat make-shift construction, visibility challenges and dimensions that make town driving between impractical and impossible.

Probably the ultimate example of a tricky drive would be the Lamborghini Countach

Don't get me wrong the Countach is still a marvelous, character filled car

Harry Metcalf: Countach 50

But since the acquisition of Lamborghini by Audi in 1998 things have improved dramatically for the company

Quality Engineering
4 wheel Drive
Improved Visibility
Servicing locally  (not on a loader to Sant' Agata)

What I am proposing is a special extended driving test to any new Lamborghini owner. 

Because it seems that said owners are either /automotively challenged/ or blissfully unable to judge the limits of their beautiful cars.  

The Additional Visibility Issue

Additionally one should consider that Lamborghini is a bling Supercar.  Famous [Lambo] owners buy the cars to be noticed and are unaware that low and often fast moving Supercars are not so visible in town by the general motorist.   When you buy are car to be noticed  it seems quite contrarian that people might not see you, yet that is the way that it is.

Here are some [unfortunate] proofs:

Aventador, Sloan Street London

Gallardo in Chicago

Gallardo Spyder: USA

1 day lambo: USA

Oh Kanye

Lambo vs taxi: New South Wales

Murcielago meets tree

Fast and Furious fail

Crash of Three

I rest my case.

Lambo on Wikipedia