Sunday, July 06, 2014

La Favorit 2014

2014 La Favorit pre report

This Sunday we had a choice of 2 sporting challenges.  First Rochers de Naye trail running or La Favorit cycle tour.

We chose the latter Cycle tour because it is new to us, whereas we have run Rochers quite a few times

Early to Rise
The start point was Yverdon Les Bains.  40Km away.  We had to research the train late on Saturday night and found

  • We needed to take an express train just before 08.00
  • This meant we had to get up about 06.00 on a Sunday ... grrr.
  • Swiss Railways requires us to buy a reservation for the Bicycle and also a Bicycle ticket

    What a flippin ticket Palava!

  • We had to fight thru an army of scouts at Lausanne Train station. What the heck.

In view of the ticket situation when the conductor man came around we made sure he checked all our tickets/ reservations!

Team Assembled
We found Malik, who needed some bicycle surgery before the start: (flat tyre)

Now, we are ready to go

Let us  Start

So many other people!

Here is the route.  As you can see the 120Km is a superset of the 88Km route.  So the plan is keep cycling the 120 and if the predicted rain makes an ugly (i.e. heavy appearance) then go back to the chicken plan which is the 88km race.

An Early Pause for new Tyres
Our entry price included service from mechanics in cars. This is just as well since after only a few kilometres on Malik's bicycle ...   Bang!

Luckily a race support vehicle was passing and we flagged it down.

There was a small hole in Malik's outer tyre causing his 30 minute old tube to blow, so the new solution was this time to change the tyre and tube.

After the change we were advised to make a small shortcut as otherwise we would never catch up the field, since we were now at the back of the entire race.    The diversion meant we missed about 5Km of the route.

This was not a race with many food stops, the above was the first outbound and third on return.  The second was at more of less the end of the 120Km loop at Montricher (km 60). Funny because we have already both run and cycled this area recently.  See this post


As per plan we kept the pace to about 25Km/h.  We did not want to kill ourselves!

Marcus kept the heart rate down!

I forgot to turn the watch back on at one point so we actually cycled about 115Km and another 10km to and from Lausanne station for about 125Km total this Sunday.  Very pleased.

Drinks and Food
Marcus drank 500ml of Fresh Orange Juice and 300ml of calorie rich drink on race from stops and 250ml on the train home.  Marcus ate 2, 55gram energy bars, 4 small Gruyere cheese slices (yummy) and 1 small Energy gel.  Pretty economical!  [Large dinner to follow]

Agata drank 1500ml of Water/ Calorie drink and ate 1 gel, 1 energy bar and part of a banana.  Also economical!

Thanks Again
Many thanks to Malik for keep us company on the ride  upto the 88Km split.  Next year you will do the 120Km right?

Thanks to the organisers for laying out the /La Favorit/ signs along the course and coming to our tyre and tube change emergency with remarkable speed and efficiency.

We had a great day out,  we got some good exercise,  and with the train home just got back and cooked dinner whilst watching the Le Tour Stage 2 to Sheffield Race, then the England Wimbledon Federer Djokovic final while outside the predicted storms and winds tipped it down.   A well timed day and a happy day.